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  1. ... the latest factory photos of the production-ready Rapier Holbay H120 Fastback.

    They're on the site now in the Majesty Classics category.


    The Bitter green (yellow) and Baltic blue will have black interiors and the Grasshopper green will have a tan interior.


    The total build for this specification: open, pillarless coupe with Union flag badges on front wings will be 99 only (33 of each colour) with individual numbers stamped on the aluminium name plate.


    I have a lot of pre-orders for these, so if you want one, let me know as soon as you can.


    Regards to all,


  2. ... regarding the Silas Cresta/Velox:


    • Velox PB 2.6 Litre - 1-tone colour - no whitewall tyres - 1 colour scheme - Qty:  48
    • Cresta PB 2.6 Litre - 2-tone colour - whitewall tyres - 1 colour scheme -
    • Qty:  96
    • Cresta PB 3.3 Litre - 1-tone colour - no whitewall tyres - 1 colour scheme - Qty:  48
    • Cresta PB 3.3 Litre - 2-tone colour - whitewall tyres - 1 colour scheme -
    • Qty:  96
    • TOTAL = 288 pieces


    Further details to be shown when received.

    Regards to all,


  3. Development of MC 14 the 1959 Standard Pennant is well underway!


    Click over to Majesty Classics now and go to the third page to see photos of the master model bodyshell. 


    There's still a way to go yet, but these photos show early promise of what looks like it will be a nice model.


    Regards to all,


  4. (see photos in the ESVAL category on the site)


    In response to my query regarding the HRG, I received an email today, from ESVAL, part of which is...


    "No major updates on the HRG project yet.  Most likely, it will come out sometime in February-March of 2022.  It is still in production, and as you may know there are many China-related production challenges and other supply chain bottlenecks right now due to the pandemic."


    Pricewise, I'm expecting it to be around £85. 

    Since Brexit,  all imports from Europe are now subject to 20% import VAT + the carrier adds on approx. 1.5% administration charge.

    ESVAL never used to charge VAT but it's worked against them now as the UK goverment does, accounting for the price rise on ESVAL models.

    Although ESVAL is an American company they supply the UK from their German depot (their models are made in China). 


    Another factor to take into account is the exchange rate. It's currently 1.18 Euros to the £. Paying, though, the rate drops to approx 1.15, as the banks also like to take their cut.


    So, the price I've estimated is worked out on things staying much the same as they are now. Who know what the future holds! Anyone got a crystal ball they're not using???


    Never mind, it will soon be Christmas...


    Regards to all,





  5. The models are still in development and I'm hoping it won't be too long before they show their faces.


    In the meantime, have a look at a photo of a PRE-PRODUCTION sample model, in the SILAS category on the site.


    The model will come in two versions:






    Regards to all,


  6. ...are now in stock and can be viewed at the OTOL MODELS category on the site.


    The Paykan is the left-hand drive export version that was sent to Iran for assembly there for their home market. Apparently, some can still be seen driving around there nowadays.


    These are beautifully made models from OTOL, a new manufacturer.


    Regards to all,


  7. My recent announcement of the AUSTIN MONTEGO and the TRIUMPH ACCLAIM was hardly noticeable, here it is again!


    The BHM EXCALIBUR  range covers cars from 1980 onwards.


    The first models EXC 1-3 were variants of the MK 1 Cavalier and have been very popular. 


    Moving forward, EXC 4/4a is the AUSTIN MONTEGO together with the MG TURBO version. 


    Following this will be EXC 5: the 1982 TRIUMPH 1300GLS ACCLAIM.


    Both of these models will follow Majesty Classics MC 15 the VAUXHALL VICTOR FC/VX 4/90 models, which will be going into preliminary developement shortly.


    The next six months show prove to be very fruitfull for new models from BHM.


    Click over to EXCALIBUR on the site for more info.


    Regards to all,



  8. Listen up lads - this is no fun...


    ... after two years treatment, I have been given the 'all-clear' with my prostate cancer.

    I was very lucky because it was caught early, and had not spread to outside the prostate.

    One of my customers has recently had the same good news and another, not so good.


    If you're over 50 years of age, it's important to keep a regular eye on the situation.


    There is excellent information on the NHS website. But also, if anyone wishes to ask me anything in confidence, email me.


    This subject is not taboo - the more we discuss it and explore it, the better.


    Regards to all,