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  1. ... a new delivery of repeat models from China:


    EXCALIBUR: EXC 1a MK1 Cavalier in orange, yellow, or white.


    MAJESTY CLASSICS: MC 08X Rapier H120 in Baltic blue, Grasshopper green, or Bitter green (yellow)


    If anyone has been waiting for the new stock - it's here, now.


    Regards to all,



    ... take a look at the gorgeous Cadillac, Imperial, and Chevrolet models that have just

    arrived from GLM & STAMP.


    These models are superb quality LIMITED EDITIONS, highly popular with American car collectors.


    Regards to all, and have a great bank holiday!


  3. ... hot on the heels of the rapidly approaching STANDARD PENNANT, comes the Majesty Classics,


    MC 17: 1961 STANDARD 10 COMPANION.


    This is the estate car version of the Standard 10.


    The model will not be too long in development, because some of the parts from the Pennant are interchangelable.


    Final colour is to be decided with maybe a couple of added features.


    To pre-order, contact me now T: 01244 320761 or email me through the site messaging.


    This is a stand-alone new model, and not just a Pennant estate (which was never made). Check out photos of real car in the MAJESTY CLASSICS category on the site.


    Regards to all,


  4. ... the fabulous new GIM models, just arrived.


    These superb hand-built models are from the GIM (Great Iconic Models) division of MATRIX.


    All models are LIMITED EDITIONS.

    Check them out now in the GIM category on the site.


    Regards to all,


  5. ...the Majesty Classics




    has gone into production!!!


    Just received photos from China of the production-ready samples!!!


    Have ok'd production with two minor changes:


    the blue one will have pale grey sides also pale blue wheels.


    The green one looks perfect.


    Click over now to MAJESTY CLASSICS on the site to see the photos.


    A stampede of orders has built up for this model over the last couple of years but production of these fine-quality, handbuilt models takes time, so please be patient.

    They'll be well-worth the wait!


    Many thanks & regards to all,