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  1. ... the new batch of CORTINA MK II 1600E models, just arrived.


    This is the original launch, model of the 1600E from 1968, and is available in three authentic, period colours:








    They're on the site now in the MAJESTY CLASSICS section.

    Regards to all,


  2. Just received this email from a customer who bought one of the MAJESTY CLASSICS Rapier H120 models...

    "Hi Frank,

     The Sunbeam Rapier Holbay arrived today and it is superb. Well worth the wait.

     Thanks, "  P R


    After the long, long wait for them to arrive, they're selling extremely well.

    Thank you all!

    Best regards for the New Year.


  3. ... like the Corsair, the complete first batch of the H120 Holbay Rapier has been sold out on pre-orders.


    Customers who have pre-ordered models always get priority.

    Secondly, when pre-orders have been filled, the models are then listed on the website.

    Lastly when there are sufficient surplus models, they go onto eBay.


    My man in China owns a small factory employing a small group of expert model builders. These models are intricately handcrafted and hand built. There is no point in me giving him an order for dozens and dozens. They are built in small batches by his dedicated team.


    I always advise people to pre-order.


    Hopefully, the second batch will be here soon, and some of these are already pre-ordered, so it you want one, let me know and, if available, I'll reserve one for you.


    Remember! this model is a LIMITED EDITION pillarless coupe of 99 only:

    three colours x 33 of each. 


    Regards to all,


  4. Click over now to the 'DERREZ' category on the site to see three now models due from Max, early next year.


    The 13/60 saloon will be jopined by two prototypes which never made it into production (and I can't understand why!):

    the Herald 1200 pick up

    and the

    1964 Herald three door hatchback.

    The hatchback, in particular, is a very attractive car.

    Prices are not yet finalised but I expect will be around the same as usual for DERREZ.


    Regards, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, to you all,





    Following on from the Victor 101 and VX 4/90, in the BHM Majesty Classics range, will come MC 16 and MC 16a: the 1970 Vauxhall Viva HC and Magnum saloons (see photos of real cars in Majesty Classics section).


    Colours are yet to be decided, but neither of these models have ever been done before as handbuilts, so demand is likely to be high.


    As usual from our man in China, the models will be of exceptional quality and reasonably priced.


    They will be built in small, hand-made batches, as is the norm from Zhou, so, anyone wishing to pre-order can let me know by hook or by crook.


    This won't be a five minute job, expect a wait, but you've got to be in to win, as the saying goes!


    Regards to all,