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  1. Click over now to the Matrix new announcements to see what's due over the next

    three months!!


    Some lovely models in the pipeline, which can all be pre-ordered from BHM.


    MATRIX MODELS do sell out very quickly though, so to avoid disappointment, contact

    me as soon as possible to place your order.


    T: 01244 320761. E: [email protected]  or through the CONTACT page on the



    Regards to all,



  2. The new GOLDVARG models have just arrived and are selling QUICKLY!! Some

    have already sold out.


    If you see one you want - BUY IT NOW! before it goes!


    PRE-ORDERED models are already put to one side. What's left is the current state of

    play with availability.


    Regards to all,




  3. ... new GOLDVARG models will imminently be winging their way to me!


    Click over now to see the FABULOUS new selection of latest models, that will be IN



    PRE-ORDER NOW! if there's any model/s you wish to buy, because they sell out

    very quickly, and there's no guarantee they can be replaced.


    Regards to all,


  4. ...a restock of OTOL models.


    Click over now to see them, or if there's any one of them you're missing from your collection:


    1968 HILLMAN HUNTER MK II (ARROW), in white, or pale blue.


    1967 PAYKAN (LHD EXPORT HUNTER), in pale blue, white, dark purple, or blue-



    Beautiful, hand built models limited to 200 each colour.


    Regards to all,