British Heritage Models was founded in October 2010, by Frank Jones - a lifelong collector of model cars (born one mile from the Meccano Dinky Toy factory, in Binns Road, Liverpool) and a passionate, classic car enthusiast.


Originally, to fill the gap in the market left by the demise of Somerville, Western Models and Milestone Miniatures, the business started out with 1:43 scale, handbuilt resin models of Rolls-Royces and Bentley cars. This range was known as 'The Britannia Collection'. A model of BC 14: the 1950 Rolls-Royce Phantom IV of Her Majesty, The Queen, was sent to her as a gift for her Diamond Jubilee and currently, it lives on Prince Philip's desk, in his office in Buckingham Palace.

At this point, it was decided to carry on the name ranges along the lines of British royalty and 'Majesty Classics' was introduced - 1:43 scale models of British classic family cars.


Following on from this beginning, two white metal ranges were then added, 'The Sovereign Range', specialising in British sports and grand touring cars, and then, 'Monarch Miniatures' specialising in British luxury saloons and estate cars.


Later, a range of 1/18 scale model cars was introduced, The Lionheart Supreme Collection. Coeur de Lion (CdL)1, was a bigger version of The Queen's Phantom IV, and CdL 2, the same car but in the, earlier, Valentine green livery of Princess Elizabeth.

A model of CdL1 was bought by The Royal Mews, of Buckingham Palace, and is on permanent display, there.


The latest range to be added is 'Excalibur'. This range will concentrate on 1:43 scale models of British classics which have rarely, or never, been made as handbuilts. 



Elizabeth, Her Majesty The Queen.

Majesty Classics.
Majesty Classics.

The Britannia Collection
The Britannia Collection

British Heritage Models' business ethos is to offer quality, value and service. 


No customer will ever be duped or swindled. All models sold, whether BHM's own ranges or any other, are sold with my personal no-quibble, money-back guarantee, should you fail to be 100% delighted with your purchase.


BRITISH HERITAGE MODELS: the name you can trust.