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  1. ... more new BRITISH models just announced from CULT.


    CULT are having a field day at the moment, announcing more BRITISH car models.



    1964 Aston Martin DB5 open drophead, in metallic blue or metallic red.


    1959-64 Daimler SP250 Dart, open convertible, in metallic green or metallic grey.


    1970 Triumph Stag MK 1, open convertible, in white or Saffron.


    1993 TVR Griffith open convertible, in metallic green or metallic purple.


    These are bound to be very popular sellers, so to reserve yours phone me now on

    T: 01244 320761 or email me through the website.


    Click over now to the CULT category to see photos.


    Regards to all,





  2. ... September is the release date for the two latest models from CULT (1:18 scale):


    1954 SUNBEAM MK III SUPREME (formerly the Talbot 90), available in two-tone pale grey over maroon or black.


    1973 MGBGT V8 available in Harvest gold ot Bracken (orange).


    Click over to CULT models, on the site to see photos.


    Pre-order now, as they are bound to be very popular, and will be produced in limited quantities


    Regards to all,


  3. ...for anyone who missed out on the SILAS VAUXHALL FB VX 4/90!!


    I've just obtained a LIMITED QUANTITY direct from Frederic of the model, in a choice of two colours:





    Click across now to 'SILAS' to see photos.


    Rgeards to all,


  4. ...1949 Triumph Roadster, which is due in soon.

    This gorgeous model comes in a choice of colour with hood up or down.

    Take a look now, in the 'Kess' category of the site.

    Numbers are limited and I've already got a fair amount of pre-orders, so if you want, don't miss the boat! PRE-ORDER now!!


    Regards to all,


  5. ...the new MATRIX models on order and due to be delivered soon. There's some gorgeous new models coming.

    Look in the two categories 'British', and 'Rest of World', as there's something in both.


    The models can be pre-ordered to ensure you get one.


    Regards to all,


  6. ...I think we were led up the garden path (or maybe I got it wrong) when we were told there would be 'no tariffs' on goods between Europe and the UK, because models coming from Germany, Netherlands, and France are now all subject to 21% import VAT.


    This is a big increase and puts, for example, £10.50 onto the price of each Esval (for example) model.


    All other models from Europe will no doubt follow suit.


    Model prices will, inevitably, have to increase.


    I've just had some Esval Oldsmobile Holiday models into stock and have put them on the site at £72.99 each. This is far too low, so any more stock arriving will be at an increased price.


    I've only got 2 of each, so if you want one - BUY IT NOW - as the next lot will be dearer.


    Sorry for the depressing news, but the only other alternative is to stop selling them.

    Regards to all,




  7. the website for my writing.


    Over the years, I've written poetry, children's stories, plays and now, I've just completed my first novel "HER NAME WAS CHARLIE". This is an 84,000 word, adult romantic drama with comedy.


    Anyone interested in finding out more can click on the category on this website or log onto the  for more details.


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  8. ...the Toledo models are physically on the way to me from Paris, and will be in stock within a few days.


    All pre-ordered models will be reserved for customers. If you have not pre-ordered, you can buy one now off the site and it will be posted when the models arrive.


    Regards to all,