THE GOLDVARG COLLECTION.


British Heritage Models is proud to announce that we have been appointed as sole retailer, for the United Kingdom, for THE GOLDVARG COLLECTION of high-quality, hand-built model cars.


In 1962, Sergio Goldvarg, from Argentina, developed a passion for cars and began to collect Matchbox models. Over the years, as he, and his collection, grew, his hobby turned into an obsession to produce his own white metal model. After much trial and error, building everything himself from scratch, he perfected his first model - a 1957 Oldsmobile Starfire. He travelled to a well-known model store, in America, to get their opinion. The store owner immediately saw the potential of model number 001 and ordered 100 there & then! Not only that, but collectors in the shop, seeing the model, also inundated him with pre-orders - Sergio, and THE GOLDVARG COLLECTION were on their way!


THE GOLDVARG COLLECTION became an instant success and orders began to pour into his Buenos Aires office. Sergio recruited staff and taught them how to handcraft the models to the meticulous standard he demanded. Soon THE GOLDVARG COLLECTION of model cars was being sold in the USA, Germany, France and The Netherlands, as well as Argentina.


Being a great admirer of British white metal model cars, a period of GOLDVARG production happened in England but eventually, in 2001, production, and Sergio, transferred to the USA.


The white metal models are no longer made but a brand new resin GOLDVARG COLLECTION is about to be launched and British Heritage Models has been appointed as the SOLE retailer for the UNITED KINGDOM.


We are proud to be part of the story, by introducing GOLDVARG models to the UK. 


Each issue will be a LIMITED EDITION of 300 models in 2 colours: 150 of each.


THE GOLDVARG COLLECTION are renowned for the quality and detail.


They are aimed at the discerning collector of exclusive LIMITED EDITION model cars.


And, Sergio's personal model car collection, started in 1962? In 2009, he entered the Guinness Book of Records by owning the largest collection of model cars in the world - 12,000! 



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Majesty Classics
GC 002A: 1956 Mercury Montclair convertible, Persimmon/Classic white Scale 1:43. LTD: 150.

GC 002A: 1956 Mercury Montclair convertible, Persimmon/Classic white Scale 1:43. LTD: 150. - £74.99


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                                    THE GOLDVARG COLLECTION.


Hand-built, limited editions for the discerning collector of supreme quality,           exquisitely detailed, model cars.


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