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The last model from Frederic Cros, of Silas Models, the 1965 Jensen CV8 has almost sold out!


First colour to go was the Botticelli blue (Ltd. 100). This sold out within two weeks of launch.


Dark Carriage green (Ltd. 100) is now rated extremely limited, British Heritage Models having managed to acquire the last dozen, available to retailers. This colour has now been deleted from BHM Ebay, owing to critical shortage, and can now only be bought from BHM via this website or by phone: 01244 320761.


Oyster grey (Ltd. 100) is seriously limited and will sell out before too long.


If you have been thinking of buying the Silas Jensen, to avoid disappointment, I would advise you to do so as soon as possible, otherwise they may all be gone.


NOW is the time to tell Father Christmas what you want to find at the bottom of your bed (apart from Marilyn Monroe) on Christmas morning.


Regards to all - frank.



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  1. Edgar Kramer

    Hi, is there a Silas Jensen CV8 still available? If so, I would like to buy it immediately. Kind regards

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