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After two years of consistently being asked by my customers to sell models of cars other than British marques, I am pleased to announce that this decision has now been taken and a sister business has now been brought into operation.


This second business will be know as "World Heritage Models" and the first models to be sold under this umbrella business will be from a brand new, model company known as "Esval Models".


Esval are an American business, based in New York. The models are Limited Edition, and hand built in resin. The quality and finish are superb and you have my wholehearted recommendation regarding these value-for-money models.


As you know, the reputation of British Heritage Models has been built on offering top quality, hand built models at affordable prices. The motto of BHM has always been "Quality, Value, Service..." and this motto is carried over to World Heritage Models. Any model that you buy fron me, you may do so with the COMPLETE CONFIDENCE of knowing that it comes with the British Heritage Models, no-quibble, money-back guarantee.

A new category, entitled "World Heritage Models" has now been established on this site. Please visit this new category to check out the first models for sale: the 1941 & 1942 Packard 180 7-seater Limousines. I think you will be impressed with them - I certainly am!







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