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In response to my query regarding the HRG, I received an email today, from ESVAL, part of which is...


"No major updates on the HRG project yet.  Most likely, it will come out sometime in February-March of 2022.  It is still in production, and as you may know there are many China-related production challenges and other supply chain bottlenecks right now due to the pandemic."


Pricewise, I'm expecting it to be around £85. 

Since Brexit,  all imports from Europe are now subject to 20% import VAT + the carrier adds on approx. 1.5% administration charge.

ESVAL never used to charge VAT but it's worked against them now as the UK goverment does, accounting for the price rise on ESVAL models.

Although ESVAL is an American company they supply the UK from their German depot (their models are made in China). 


Another factor to take into account is the exchange rate. It's currently 1.18 Euros to the £. Paying, though, the rate drops to approx 1.15, as the banks also like to take their cut.


So, the price I've estimated is worked out on things staying much the same as they are now. Who know what the future holds! Anyone got a crystal ball they're not using???


Never mind, it will soon be Christmas...


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