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My recent announcement of the AUSTIN MONTEGO and the TRIUMPH ACCLAIM was hardly noticeable, here it is again!


The BHM EXCALIBUR  range covers cars from 1980 onwards.


The first models EXC 1-3 were variants of the MK 1 Cavalier and have been very popular. 


Moving forward, EXC 4/4a is the AUSTIN MONTEGO together with the MG TURBO version. 


Following this will be EXC 5: the 1982 TRIUMPH 1300GLS ACCLAIM.


Both of these models will follow Majesty Classics MC 15 the VAUXHALL VICTOR FC/VX 4/90 models, which will be going into preliminary developement shortly.


The next six months show prove to be very fruitfull for new models from BHM.


Click over to EXCALIBUR on the site for more info.


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  1. philippeimac

    This is great to hear that the Montego and the MG Montego turbo will be released at 1/43 scale. Please note that a Montego has recently been released in a greek press serie. you can see it on eBay for example. The Metro has been announced but since I never heard about it anymore: will you release it someday?

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