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... British Heritage Models is proud to announce that they have been appointed as the SOLE UK DISTRIBUTOR for a new brand of premium quality, 1:43rd scale, model cars.


OTOL MODELS are based in Turkey and the models are made in China.


They are LIMITED EDITIONS and are in the upper, premium sector of 1:43 scale model cars. 


Retail price has yet to be finalised, but will be within the region of MAJESTY CLASSICS.


The first model in the range is the 1968 MARK II Hillman Hunter. This will be joined straight away by the PAYKAN, which was the Hunter, supplied by Rootes to Iran in CKD (completely knocked down) form, then being assembled abroad.


Your model won't be in CKD form though - so you can put away your glue!


Click over now to OTOL MODELS on the site to see preliminary, manufacturer's photos. When the models arrive, I'll take my own.


The first batch will be of limited quantity so if you want to pre-order one, let me know.


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  1. geoffrey johnson

    Hi, Models look good, but photos show LHD. Will they be available as RHD?

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