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...I think we were led up the garden path (or maybe I got it wrong) when we were told there would be 'no tariffs' on goods between Europe and the UK, because models coming from Germany, Netherlands, and France are now all subject to 21% import VAT.


This is a big increase and puts, for example, £10.50 onto the price of each Esval (for example) model.


All other models from Europe will no doubt follow suit.


Model prices will, inevitably, have to increase.


I've just had some Esval Oldsmobile Holiday models into stock and have put them on the site at £72.99 each. This is far too low, so any more stock arriving will be at an increased price.


I've only got 2 of each, so if you want one - BUY IT NOW - as the next lot will be dearer.


Sorry for the depressing news, but the only other alternative is to stop selling them.

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  1. Geoff Johnson

    Hi Frank, My understanding is that if you import something from the EU that has been made in the EU then it's tarrif free. However, if you import something from the EU which was made outside the EU it attracts VAT. So the question is can you source the product without going through an EU country.

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