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REGARDING THE CORONA VIRUS: Some of you have contacted me to say that you enjoyed the recent poem about panic-buying. Also that the recent blog post was appreciated. This has given me the idea for THE DUNKIRK SPIRIT.


For the forseeable future, this DUNKIRK SPIRIT category will exist for anyone to submit a poem, mini story, anecdote,  or joke, for the entertainment and enjoyment of others.


It is important to keep our spirits up at this trying time, and what better way than to come together and share anything which is entertaining and/or amusing.


If you wish to submit anything for this category please contact me via the site EMAIL with the item, putting DUNKIRK SPIRIT in the title bar of your email.


All submitted material remains the copyright of the writer. There is no ulterior motive to steal or plagiarise other people's literary efforts.


All entries must be clean, innofensive and respectful of other peoples' race, religion, sexual orientation etc. ANY OFFENSIVE MATERIAL WILL BE DELETED.


So, let's all pull together and get this idea off the ground!


I'll start the ball rolling with a few of my poems and/or jokes.


So get your thinking caps on and get the creative juices flowing. It doesn't have to be a piece by YOU, if you don't feel up to it - it can be by your wife/partner/family member/friend etc. Please enclose the name of the writer.


I'm not looking for Charles Dickens!



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  1. Kenneth Hodges

    It was gardener's Question Time on the radio, they had a very old gardener on aged 86 who would answer questions, the first question was how can I get my roses to flower longer? Tom the gardener answered well, it's all a matter of feeding get some manure and dig it in and you should have some lovely big blooms, before the next question the host of the programme pressed the mute button and said to Tom, would you please not call it manure call it fertilizer, Tom answered that's going to be difficult you see because I'm only getting used to calling it manure I usually call it s...t

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  2. Kenneth Hodges

    Dunkirk Spirit Picture a class of 5 and 6 year olds, the teacher was trying to explain the difference between right and wrong, she said if I was to go through someones pockets and take all the money out what would I be ? a little voice from the back of the class piped up you'd be my Mum !!

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