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Click over to BHM Majesty Classics to see pre-production photos of he latest models due to arrive very shortly -


MC10: the 1966 Mk IV Hillman Super Minx.

MC11: the 1966 Mk IV Singer Vogue.


These were the last versions of the Audax-style cars before being replaced by the Arrow range, in late 1966. These cars were in production for one year and were fitted with the new 1725 Rootes engine.


The models are built to the usual, high Majesty Classics level of quality and feature open 'Webasto-style' sunroofs.


Please note: these photos are of PRE-PRODUCTION samples and there are minor changes to be made:-

fitting of the 1725 badges on wings behind front wheels

the side flash on the Super Minx will be narrower, to resemble that of the Vogue.

the blue of the Super Minx will be toned down to a more sedate shade.


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