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Beneath the soil

In foreign fields

At rest, the young men lie

Caressed by the wind

Blessed by the sun

Forever, to face the sky.


How long will we appreciate

The sacrifice they gave

In handing us our freedom

As they marched to an early grave


Young lads, young men

All as one

Of laughter and of tears

Of broken hearts

Of beer and darts

All wrapped in tender years

Of football, sweethearts, motorbikes

The innocence of the young

Torn from their grasp

By the wail of death

No more, their song to be sung


How long will we remember them

And the sacrifice they made

As they granted us our future

It can never be repaid


Beneath gravestones

Far from their homes

In death, the young men lie

Row after row

After row

After row

Forever, to face the sky





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