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If you want the laugh of the century, go to Ebay now and type in Lansdowne models in the toys and games section and look at some of the prices other dealers are asking for the SAME deleted models that I'm selling.


They're ranging from £100 -£120 for the EXACT SAME MODELS.


I know what they paid for these models - exactly the same price as me -  and it angers me that these people can be ruled so much by greed to a point where they are attempting to rip-off customers to such an extent.


I know my customers well and I know that a lot of them are elderly gents, surviving on a pension, but still locked in to their lifelong hobby of collecting model cars. I try to provide a professional, quality, value-for money service. Here's an example of the blatant rip-off prices being carried out...


Ebay, Monday, July 3rd:

Two customers each bought a model of LDM 68a, the Lansdowne Cortina Ghia estate.

My customer paid £59.99 + £4.00 p&p = total £63.99

Another customer bought the EXACT same model from another dealer and paid £109.90 + £6.95 p&p = total £116.85.


£116.85 - £63.99 = they overpaid (were ripped off) to the tune of FIFTY THREE POUND.

No, you read it right = FIFTY THREE POUND.


Even another 'LADY' dealer, who always asked reasonable prices for Lansdownes, has succumbed to the GREED bug and is listing EXACTLY the same models as mine for £100 each.


Still, not to worry - since 15th June, when the first batch of Lansdowne/Brooklins arrived at BHM, as of today, I've sold a combined total of 109 models - one man buying SEVEN at once. I wonder how many the other dealers have sold?


And now, I'll leave you on this happy note... it'll soon be Christmas!!!


Regards to all,








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