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When I was doing the research for EXC 1 - the Cortina Lotus, I spent literally hours and hours going over every minute detail to make sure I could get the model as perfect a replica as possible. I became obsessed. Then I began to have doubts. I thought - is anybody really going to notice if there's a tiny ommission or maybe a little something that isn't quite right. I received an email today, part of which is shown below. Reading this customer's words has really cheered me up and justified all those late nights and early morning hours of research...


'Hi, Lotus Cortina arrived today, it took my breath away when I saw the fine details applied to the model. I used to have two of these in the mid seventies... I will treasure this model as it brings back so many memories. Thank you, George.' 


A number of you have also phoned me to tell me how much you like the model. Thank you.



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