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First - the bad news...

after two years of trying to get the Sunbeam Rapier Fastback into production in the Majesty Classics range, I've finally given up on the idea, having been in recent correspondence with Zhou. I told him to that we should abandon the idea as there's still no estimate of when he'll be back at work.



I have today authorised production of the Sunbeam Rapier Fastback in the Excalibur range!

Not only that, but also the Alpine Fastback and the Holbay H120 Fastback.

NOT ONLY THAT - but each of the models will be offered in either closed side window style or open side window style = a pillarless coupe!!

Numbers will be very limited - Rapier 40 (20/20), Alpine 40 (20/20)and H120 45 (23/22). Total production: 120.


Colours have yet to be finalised but will probably be:

Rapier - metallic blue, solid red.

Alpine - metallic blue, solid red.

H120 - metallic dark green.


I've still got over 20 names on the pre-order list already so if you want one/two/all three let me know as soon as possible because I think it will be a very popular model.


Delivery will probably be about 6 months but don't hang about - get your skates on. This is an early bird warning to my customers. It will be announced in Model Collector and Diecast Collector shortly.


I don't know - Rapiers are like buses - you wait ages for one, then three come at once :-)


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