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Next week, the prototype master pattern for the first models in the new BHM Excalibur range, EXC 1 & 1a, will be sent to me from China.


Together with a couple of pre-production models, I then have to inspect them and make a note of any details that may need to be changed.


The models will then be sent back to China and work will start on producing the run.


There will be 100 produced, with a split of 70/30.


70 (EXC 1) will be produced with standard road wheels, together with door-mounted rear view mirrors. 30 (EXC 1a) will be produced with "Minilite" style wheels and bullet-style wing mirrors.


I have spent hours and hours researching this model to the enth degree, to make sure that the detailing is correct as far as humanely possible.


The model has never before been produced as a handbuilt. Handcrafted in resin, it will feature photo-etched parts, resin headlamp inserts, separate plated parts and exquisite detailing which - I can guarantee! - has been fastidiously researched.


I am aiming to keep the price as affordable as possible, but the exchange rate of the £ = $ is making the going tough. Realistically, I am hoping the model will be priced at about £80-£85. If it is at all possible for me to get the price below £80, I'll do me best. 


I have created the Excalibur range to produce models of cars that have never, or very rarely, been made as hand-builts.


Regarding EXC 1 (& EXC 1a), I'm not revealing the secret, yet! You'll have to wait a little longer. But get your thinking caps on and see if you can guess what it is!!!!


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