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Master model builder (and brass pattern maker for Brooklin, Somerville, Western, etc.) PETE KENNA (Kenna Models) and BRITISH HERITAGE MODELS  have come to an arrangement where BHM will be a RETAIL DISTRIBUTOR for Kenna models in the United Kingdom!


The first model to be commissioned by BHM from Kenna Models is the Daimler Straight 8 convertible (detachable hard top).

Initial production will consist of 12 MODELS ONLY, divided into 3 variations:


1.  =  5 only  x  reg. no. LJJ 11:-  the original model of the Daimler Straight 8, as launched at the 1948 Earl's Court Motor Show.


The show car was, at the time, the most expensive car in the world and was presented in the livery of metallic Jade green with a cream interior. It acquired the nickname "The Green Goddess".


The KENNA model is an exact replica of that car = a stunning model, 5" long, exquisitely detailed, of exceptional "Kenna" quality and supremely hand-built. The cream hood is removeable.


2.  =  5 only x two-tone metallic pale blue and black. This beautiful colour combination comes with a contrasting cream interior and cream (removeable) roof.


3.   =  2 only x black coachwork with contrasting cream interior = inspired by the car as shown in the 1950s' Norman Wisdom comedy film "Trouble in Store". The hood on this model is cream in colour and also removeable.


I have seen these models in early build and I can honestly say that they are beautifully done. The build quality is SUPERB, the detailing EXQUISITE and the overall presentation is SUBLIME. Any of you who already own Pete Kenna models will know of the quality product that is associated with the name.


The cost of each model is £125 + p&p of £4.99.


To reserve your model (only 12 in the initial build) please contact me as soon as possible and I will pre-order it for you:


Telephone: 01244 320761 or email: [email protected]


Photos of the models will follow ASAP.

Regards to all,



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