Automodello - Dreams Engaged


British Heritage Models is proud to announce that it has been appointed as a retail distributor for the Automodello range of fine quality, hand-built, resin car models.


Automodello is an American-based model car business that specialises in producing models of interesting, niche cars that have been overlooked by the mainstream model companies.


Their models are produced in the scales of 1:43, 1:24 and 1:12.

The models are of of superb quality and exquisitely detailed.


A typical model will feature some, or all, of the following: clear resin light inserts, photo-etched wipers, separate plated handles, filler cap, door/wing mirrors and spoked or alloy-effect road wheels, which run on rubber tyres.


The overall finish is a model of very fine quality, many of which are limited editions, with numbers as low as fifteen per issue.



                            Automodello - Dreams Engaged




Majesty Classics
2011-2016 Noble M600 CarbonSport Black. Limited Edition: 299.

2011-2016 Noble M600 CarbonSport Black. Limited Edition: 299. - £84.99

Superbly handbuilt and exquisitely detailed in resin.

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                               Automodello - Dreams Engaged


       Fine-quality models for the discerning collector of  hand-built model cars.



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